Crown Bioscience Launches ‘3D Ex Vivo Patient Tissue Platform’ to Improve Response Predictability to Immuno-Oncology Drug Candidates

Platform combining phenotypic high content imaging analysis and three-dimensional models of fresh patient tumors to provide relevant analysis of drug responses that can inform candidate selection and clinical program design

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MBL to Distribute Qkine’s Animal-free Growth Factors and Cytokines

Tokyo, Japan - September 30, 2021 - Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (MBL), a JSR Life Sciences Company, has signed a distributor agreement with Qkine Ltd. for sale of products in Japan. 

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MBL establishes a new R&D and manufacturing site for in vitro diagnostic products and services in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, China - September 17, 2021 - Medical and Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (President & CEO: Kimimasa Yamada, “MBL”), a JSR Life Sciences Company, announced that its subsidiary MBL Shenzhen Biotech Co., Ltd. (“MBLS”) has been established in full-scale operation as a new R&D and manufacturing site for in vitro diagnostic products and services in China.

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MBL Launches New Automated Analyzer Kit to Quickly Detect Neutralizing Antibodies Against SARS-CoV-2

Kit will help with understanding immune status of COVID-19 patients and promote research on vaccine efficacy

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MBL International Launches QuickSwitch™ Class II Custom MHC Tetramer Kits

Woburn, MA – July 28, 2021 – MBL International, a JSR Life Sciences company, recently announced commercial availability of QuickSwitch™ Class II Custom MHC Tetramer Kits. QuickSwitch kits for Class II MHC Tetramers for analysis of CD4+ T cells have been created to meet the needs of scientists looking for better understanding of the CD4+ T cell responses.

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New NAFLD/NASH Preclinical Model Data to be Presented at ADA 2020

San Diego, Calif – June 9, 2020 — Crown Bioscience today announced the presentation of new, proprietary NAFLD/NASH preclinical model development data. The data will be available at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 80th Scientific Sessions, as well as CrownBio’s own complementary virtual event.

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