A uniform-sized polystyrene latex particle for agglutination tests in life science applications

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Latex Particles for Life Sciences

IMMUTEX™ is a uniform-sized polystyrene latex (PSL) particle for agglutination tests. A variety of particle sizes and surface chemistries of IMMUTEX™ is available to meet your requirements to control sensitivity and dynamic range.



Key Properties

• Polystyrene latex beads
• Various sizes: 50 nm to 500 nm
• Uniform size
• Good lot-to-lot reproducibility
• Immutex-Plain / Immutex-Carboxyl
• Suitable latex surface design for your purpose
- Adjustment of Parking area (PA)
- Control COOH density
- Control of hydrophilic/hydrophobic surface
properties during ligand binding to reduce
non-specific binding and assay aggregation
• Ready-to-use, no further purification needed

Why use IMMUTEX?

  • IMMUTEX Specifications



  • Surface chemistry & ligand coupling

    • IMMUTEX™ Plain Series: IMMUTEX™-Plain Series is a plain polystyrene latex particle which has no or ultra-low carboxy groups on its surface. This series is suitable for physical adsorption of antibodies or antigens.
    • IMMUTEX™ Carboxy Series: IMMUTEX™-Carboxy Series is a carboxylated polystyrene latex particle suitable for covalent coupling of antibodies or antigens.

Catalogue Numbers & Product Sizes

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