About JKiC

JSR-Keio University Medical and Chemical Innovation Center

Research engineers from the JSR Group, promoting the development of advanced materials and chemical products, can now collaborate at JKiC with the medical researchers/doctors of Keio University School of Medicine engaged in cutting-edge medical research reaching from foundational to clinical research.

This medical-engineering collaboration enables and facilitates projects meeting various requirements of the medical field, as well as the incorporation of new ideas into medical and clinical research. It will also lead to the creation of research and business opportunities related to new diagnostic and treatment technologies and therapeutic techniques.

Extending the number of years people can live healthy without daily assistance or care is now a social priority. For this purpose, JKiC promotes the development of precision medicine, which enhances the effectiveness of therapies by matching treatment methods more precisely to the condition of each individual patient. Other research and development at JKiC includes microbiomes, designed medical devices, stem cell biology and cell based medicine.

JSR Group research chemists and Keio University medical researchers / doctors cooperatively provide new advanced medical and clinical technologies and materials that can be useful for diagnostic technologies for early detection of diseases, highly effective treatments and pharmaceuticals to treat diseases at early stages before becoming serious or untreatable.

JKiC promotes the life sciences business, which is positioned as a key strategic business of the JSR Group.



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