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Improve the Operational Efficiency & Productivity
of Your Purification Process

Introducing ChromNeX

ChromNeXTM is an innovative chromatography platform that can help improve the operational efficiency and productivity of your purification process.

Based on the Chromassette technology platform, ChromNeX’s unique internal scaffold enables high flow-rates for any resin and its modularity allows for linear scalability.

Unlike column chromatography with a limited number of sizes and a loss of wall support as the column is scaled-up, ChromNeX’s lattice is highly supportive of the resin beads and comes in an easy-to-stack, pre-packed, disposable format.

As a result, your process will be easier to set up, scale up and speed up.

The Benefits of ChromNeX

Unique Internal Scaffold

With a traditional column, resin compression exists since wall support decreases as the column diameter increases. With ChromNeX, compression is drastically minimized since all resin beads benefit from constant wall support.


Superior Pressure/Flow Profiles

The normalized pressure gradient for a column increases exponentially as flow-rate is increased. However, a linear relationship is maintained for ChromNeX regardless of the scale or resin bead size utilized. High flow-rates, and ultimately high productivity, is obtainable with ChromNeX.



Increased Flexibility

ChromNeX is designed for easy stacking, storage and configuration, resulting in an increase in operational efficiency and flexibility, thereby avoiding column packings, maintenance, and large footprints for column processing and storage.



Linear Scalability

In traditional columns, a nonlinear increase in column volume from one diameter size to another is observed since only a limited number of column diameters are offered by manufacturers. Given that each ChromNeX cassette is constant in size, each stacked cassette leads to a linear increase in resin volume with no change to overall pressure/flow profiles. Matching resin volume to protein load volume has never been easier.

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