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Amsphere™ A3 is a next generation Protein A chromatography resin for advanced protein separation in downstream processing of therapeutic antibodies manufacturing.


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Why use Amsphere™ A3?


Why Amsphere A3 is an Outstanding Choice for Antibody Fragment & FC-Fusion Purification

Universal Affinity Resin for
Non-classical mAbs

Simplify Your Supply Chain
& Minimize Costs

Impurity Clearance

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On Demand Webinar: Packing of Protein-A resins in lab-, pilot- and large-scale columns: How to Achieve a “Right First Time" - Part I

This web-based, interactive tutorial will help scientists, engineers and operators to achieve “right first time” packing of Amsphere A3 Protein-A resin for their lab-, pilot- and large-scale columns. In this Part 1 of the webinar series, different aspects to consider for packing columns at small and large scale will be explained, as well as DO’s and DON’T's for resin handling.


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