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A Breakthrough in Cell Culture Media

BASAL CHO MX growth medium provides a well-balanced combination of amino acids and essential
nutrients, ensuring robust cell growth and maximum productivity in biologics manufacturing.

CELLiST™ serves as a comprehensive solution for all your biologics manufacturing needs.

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Amsphere™ A3

A NextGen Protein A Chromatography Resin

Amsphere A3 is a next generation Protein A chromatography resin for advanced protein
separation in downstream processing of therapeutic antibodies manufacturing.

Besides an outstanding high capacity, Amsphere A3 has an overall improved process
robustness, flow characteristics, optimized impurity removal, productivity and resin lifetime.

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We offer a variety of life sciences products across all stages of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing 

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Amsphere A3

A next generation, high capacity protein A chromatography resin for advanced protein separation in downstream processing.

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Biomarker discovery for companion
diagnostics and the development
& manufacturing of IVDs.

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Standardized hydrophilic & hydrophobic magnetic microparticles used for life science applications.

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Blocking agent composed of 100% chemically synthesized polymers, devoid of the safety & purity issues of biological blocking reagents.

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Uniform-sized polystyrene latex particles for agglutination tests with a variety of sizes & surfaces available.

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Crown Bioscience

Contract Research

Crown Bioscience is a contract research & translational technology company making precision medicine a reality.

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Similis Bio

Biosimilar Development

Similis Bio jump-starts your biosimilar program with pre-qualified analytical methods, detailed reference product characterization & off-the-shelf assets. 

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KBI Biopharma

Contract Manufacturing

KBI Biopharma is a contract development and manufacturing organization for the 21st Century.

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Presenter: Beatriz Catalao
Application Engineer, JSR Life Sciences

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OnDemand Webinar

Packing of Protein A resins in lab-, pilot-and large-scale columns: How to achieve a "right first time"- PART 1


This video webinar, presented by Beatriz Catalao of JSR Life Sciences, is on the topic of column packing of protein A resins in lab, pilot, and large-scale columns. Beatriz provides a quick introduction to Amsphere A3, a protein A resin, and highlights the column packing preparation requirements to achieve a successfully packed bed.

Beatriz also mentions the high binding capacity, alkali stability, and impurity removal capabilities of Amsphere A3, emphasizing its added value for default batch and next-generation intensified bioprocessing.  Additionally, Beatriz mentions the availability of regional application support, on-site packing support, packing training, and experimental support.

Throughout the webinar, various methods and factors for determining slurry concentration and compression factor are explained, along with guidelines for selecting the right column and bed supports.  The video also discusses the recommended compression factors for different column diameter ranges and provides flow rate ranges for different column sizes.  Finally, it presents guidelines for resin slurry handling and discusses suitable and unsuitable pump options for transferring the slurry.

This is part one of a webinar series and focuses on the column packing process preparations, with a second webinar planned to cover column packing and evaluation.



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MBL in Japan is a one stop shop. MBL is #1 for new IVD medical reimbursement approvals in Japan with an Extensive KOL Network required for approvals.


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