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Introducing Similis Bio

A New Kind of Biosimilar Partner

Jump-start your biosimilar program today with pre-qualified analytical methods, detailed reference product characterization, and off-the-shelf assets proven to meet your product quality and productivity requirements.


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Amsphere™ A3

A NextGen Protein A Chromatography Resin

Amsphere A3 is a next generation Protein A chromatography resin for advanced protein separation in downstream processing of therapeutic antibodies manufacturing.

Besides an outstanding high capacity, Amsphere A3 has an overall improved process robustness, flow characteristics, optimized impurity removal, productivity and resin lifetime.

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Our Products

We offer a variety of life sciences products across all stages of biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing 

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Amsphere A3

A next generation, high capacity protein A chromatography resin for advanced protein separation in downstream processing.

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An innovative chromatography platform that helps improve the operational efficiency & productivity of your purification processes.

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Standardized hydrophilic & hydrophobic magnetic microparticles used for life science applications.

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Blocking agent composed of 100% chemically synthesized polymers, devoid of the safety & purity issues of biological blocking reagents.

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Uniform-sized polystyrene latex particles for agglutination tests with a variety of sizes & surfaces available.

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Biomarker discovery for companion
diagnostics and the development
& manufacturing of IVDs.

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Our Services

Our affiliates provide a wide range of research, diagnostic, & bioprocess services.

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Contract Research

Crown Bioscience is a contract research & translational technology company making precision medicine a reality.

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Cell Line Development

Selexis SA is the global leader in cell line development with best-in-class modular technology & highly specialized solutions.

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Contract Manufacturing

KBI Biopharma is a contract development and manufacturing organization for the 21st Century.

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Biosimilar Development

Similis Bio jump-starts your biosimilar program with pre-qualified analytical methods, detailed reference product characterization & off-the-shelf assets. 

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Presenter:Tomoya Norinobu
Global Technical Services
Applications Scientist
JSR Life Sciences

On Demand Webinar

Resin Replacement Study Using JSR Amsphere A3 and a Platform Resin to Reduce the Supply Risk of Protein A Resin

This webinar will demonstrate a comparison of A3 and MabSelect SuRe LX resin performance in test processing of two different IgG1 targets via affinity chromatography, flow-through anion exchange and capture cation exchange chromatography. The data indicates that A3-based processing offers similarly fine performance of yield (80% total), host cell protein clearance, ligand leaching, and aggregate removal. We will also review mass spectrometry analysis of host cell protein clearance by the various process operations.

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MBL Can Help

MBL in Japan is a one stop shop. MBL is #1 for new IVD medical reimbursement approvals in Japan with an Extensive KOL Network required for approvals.


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