Webinar: Effective implementation of Amsphere™ A3 in Development & Manufacturing

Presenter: Dr. Guido Ströhlein, Global Director Technology and Development, JSR Life Sciences
Date: April 16th, 2020, 11:00-11:45 CEST

Protein-A capture is a key chromatographic purification step in the production of mAbs and modern Protein-A resins like Amsphere A3 enable rapid process development and manufacturing implementation.This webinar will give an overview on how Amsphere™ A3 protein-A resin can be effectively implemented in process development and manufacturing of mAbs.

It will also highlight some recent Amsphere A3 application data updates with respect to:
• Caustic stability up to 400 cycles
• Fragment & fusion protein binding capabilities
• Implementation in intensified, short-residence time processing
• Viral clearance
• Protein-A leaching

So please join us to learn more about how Amsphere A3 can expedite your development process.



Topics: Bioprocess