About JSR BiRD

JSR Bioscience and informatics R&D center

JSR BiRD’s mission is to create new businesses through the following three activities:

In-depth Research and Social Implementation of Life Sciences Research

JSR BiRD aims to promote research in the life sciences field centering on microbiome in an effort to accelerate the development of mainstream therapies.

Strengthening Informatics

JSR BiRD will serve as the hub of activity for informatics researchers and will strengthen our product development capabilities by cultivating cutting-edge simulation and deep learning. JSR BiRD will further enable the JSR Group’s vision of digital transformation and bring additional value to customers.

Open Innovation

As a base for open innovation, JSR BiRD works with academia and startup companies to complement and enhance their technologies.

Through JSR BiRD’s unique scope, researchers that are not normally intertwined will freely interact with each other and exchange opinions to carry out innovative research and development. Products that emerge from the activities at JSR BiRD are poised for sustainable, low environmental impact and to contribute to a society where people can lead healthy and happy lives in a safe and secure digitally-affluent society.

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