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Speaker: Atul D. Joshi Ph.D., Principal Scientist - Upstream Process Development

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OnDemand Webinar

CELLiST BASAL CHO MX: High-Productivity Cell Culture Medium for CHO Cell Bioproduction


We are excited to have a speaker from our affiliate company, KBI Biopharma, a global CDMO, present on the new high-productivity cell culture medium.

In recent years, better understanding of CHO cell metabolism has resulted in rapid improvements of cell culture medium formulation resulting in better cell culture performance.

This presentation will focus on the development and performance of the newly launched CELLiST BASAL CHO MX medium. Scientists from KBI Biopharma and JSR Life Sciences have leveraged their process development expertise to develop a unique cell culture medium formulation which has demonstrated better cell culture performance and higher productivity.

Our Scientists utilized a bottom-up approach, identifying and optimizing various metabolites by performing iterative design of experiment studies. Impact of key components, such as amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements, was determined through the assessment of cell growth, viability, lactate, ammonia and productivity.

Every iterative formulation was assessed and optimized with the goal of achieving higher productivity and improved or comparable product quality profile. We will share data demonstrating the advantages of CELLiST BASAL CHO MX:

1) Consistent high productivity compared to other commercial media
2) Improved performance in diverse cell lines (GS-CHO, CHOZN®, and CHO-M)
3) Robust performance during scale-up - from 15 mL to 200L bioreactor

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CELLiST is a registered trademark of Ajinomoto Co., Inc
CHOZN® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA


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