Blockmaster™ is a blocking agent composed of 100% chemically synthesized polymers, devoid of the problematic safety, quality and purity issues of biological blocking reagents.

Product line-up

Blockmaster Product Family

The Blockmaster™ CE Series consists of a synthetic polymer, which can be chemically bound to the carrier or the container surface.


  • Polyethylene glycol possessing oligo-amine group at one end
  • Covalently coupled to carboxylated surface
  • Animal protein-free, virus-free
  • Low non-specific binding (NSB) of proteins
  • Significantly enhances S/N ratio

 Structure and Function

Structure And Function Of Blockmaster By JSR Life Sciences

Application Example

1) Signal Enhancement in a chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA)

A chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLEIA), using alpha fetoprotein (AFP) as the antigen, was performed by blocking anti-AFP-bound Magnosphere™ with Blockmaster™ CE510 or BSA. Significant improvement of the Signal/Noise ratio was observed with Blockmaster™ CE510.

Blocking Agent

2) Effect on colloidal stability

Blockmaster™ coated magnetic particles show improved dispersion stability compared to those coated with BSA when incubated with cell lysate.

Comparison Blockmaster And Bsa By JSR Life Sciences

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