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Fc-Fusion Purification Performance and Mechanism Analysis Using Amsphere A3


Yao Ying

Ying Yao 
Applications Scientist
at JSR Life Sciences


Webinar Overview

Fc-fusion proteins are immunoglobulin Fc-domains linked to proteins with therapeutic potential. These can favorably increase serum half-life and alter the immunological properties of the biopharmaceutical. Purification of Fc-fusion protein can be challenging since they tend to have lower dynamic binding capacities (DBCs) than traditional monoclonal antibodies. This may be contributed by the decreased Fc-domain affinity or the large size of Fc-fusion proteins. However, Amsphere A3 shows the highest or comparable DBC to other commercial resins for capturing Fc-fusion proteins.

In this webinar, DBC and purification properties of four commercially available Protein A chromatography resins are compared using four Fc-fusion proteins. Significant factors affecting DBC are particle size, binding capacity, and pore diffusion. The analysis of these factors showed how Amsphere A3 was able to out-perform the other three resins for three out of the four molecules tested.

Join us to learn about how Amsphere A3 can support your Fc-fusion protein purification!

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