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On Demand Webinar

Evaluation & Application of Amsphere A3 in Downstream Purification Processes

Presenter: Nathan Nicholes Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, KBI Biopharma Inc.


Webinar Overview

We are excited to have a speaker from our affiliate company, KBI Biopharma, a global CDMO present on the successful adoption of Amsphere A3.

Multiple Protein A resins are available for use in the purification of Fc-containing biologics. In support of our clients' development programs, KBI Biopharma Inc. has developed a rapid and streamlined workflow for comparing capacity and product quality from different ProA resin candidates as part of the larger downstream purification process development effort. This workflow has been utilized to compare Amsphere A3 resin to other high-performance Protein A resins available on the market since 2016.

This presentation will cover the results of these comparisons in terms of ProA resin capacity and eluate product quality as well as later development data comparing viral clearance results for these different affinity resins.


  • Become familiarized with KBI Biopharma's streamlined workflow for comparing Protein A resin capacity and eluate product quality.
  • Gain insights from the past four years of development data generated at KBI with respect to Protein A resin performance
  • Benefit from additional global usage and resin lifetime information provided by JSR Life Sciences for Amsphere A3

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