MAY 28TH, 2020

Join Gerald Platteau, Senior Application Development Engineer, for a webinar on Amsphere A3, our alkali stable protein A resin that has shown to be an effective capture purification step for a wide range of antibody fragment variants.

Webinar Overview

New biological modalities are rapidly emerging as candidate therapeutics for challenging disease targets. Stepping away from the classical antibody constructs comes with challenges, as modifications are necessary to develop an effective and robust process on an accelerated timeline.

Amsphere A3, an alkali stable protein A resin, has shown to be an effective capture purification step for a wide range of antibody fragment variants.

In this webinar, we will review the following items for fragment purification:

  • Binding mechanism between the engineered C domain of the Amsphere™ A3 protein A (PrA) ligand and a VHH single-domain antibody (sdAb)
  • Protein A – Ab fragment complex structure via x-ray crystallography
  • CH1 binding capacity and purification case study results
  • Additional data on mAb variants

May 28, 2020 @ 3:00 PM CEST


Topics: Bioprocess

Webinar: Effective implementation of Amsphere™ A3 in Development & Manufacturing

Presenter: Dr. Guido Ströhlein, Global Director Technology and Development, JSR Life Sciences
Date: April 16th, 2020, 11:00-11:45 CEST

Protein-A capture is a key chromatographic purification step in the production of mAbs and modern Protein-A resins like Amsphere A3 enable rapid process development and manufacturing implementation.This webinar will give an overview on how Amsphere™ A3 protein-A resin can be effectively implemented in process development and manufacturing of mAbs.

It will also highlight some recent Amsphere A3 application data updates with respect to:
• Caustic stability up to 400 cycles
• Fragment & fusion protein binding capabilities
• Implementation in intensified, short-residence time processing
• Viral clearance
• Protein-A leaching

Topics: Bioprocess

BioProcess International 2020

Topics: Bioprocess