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About Similis Bio

Similis Bio is a company focused on preclinical CMC development of biosimilar products. They are leveraging a unique biosimilar development model to provide a combination of customized and off-the-shelf solutions to meet the needs of companies interested in developing biosimilars.  Through strategic partnerships with leading cell line developers and contract manufacturers, they provide tailored solutions to meet biosimilar developer’s needs: immediate initiation of cell line development, accelerated analytical and process development, and program selection flexibility through opt-in provisions.​

Similis employs a unique information redistribution model, giving partners access to higher quality packages at lower cost than other development models. Licensing an analytical solution package from them delivers reference product QTPP, stability data, and analytical methods ready to use for product testing.

Unique opportunities arise when fully partnering with Similis on analytical, CLD, PD, and manufacturing. Via differentiated business models, Similis enables partners to start development of multiple biosimilar programs in parallel with an exclusive right, but not an obligation, to purchase every program. This collaboration model dramatically reduces risk from program cancellation and extends partners’ market analysis timeline to enable changes in strategy up to 13 months after program initiation.

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